We put your product ideas into practice! Kolink is the complete solution provider for all your PC cooling needs: Our flexible, highly adept R&D department will assist you in bringing your idea to perfection or come up with a customized, cutting-edge solution for your problem.

Thanks to the use of state of the art simulation technology and many years of experience in designing and manufacturing cooling products, we can evade compatibility and manufacturing issues in advance and thereby reduce product lead time as well as expenses in pre-production testing. The industry leading manufacturing quality of our production plants in Taiwan ensures that your product will be able to satisfy the highest demands in performance, durability and workmanship.

Our ultra-modern manufacturing technology doesn’t only allow for fast, reliable and cost-effective production that can give you the decisive edge over your competitors but also permits us to adjust production capacities according to your needs very quickly. Due to our rigorous quality control standards, you’ll be able to reduce returns to an absolute minimum.

We work with numerous different suppliers in order to be able to offer you a broad range of possibilities when it comes to finding the right retail packaging for your products. Last but not least, we’ll get your products packed for sea or air transport and ship them to all your customers around the globe.